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Supply Chain Track- and Trace of tabcco products

Track & Trace  |  Serialization |  Aggregation

turnkey solutions for tabacco industry
  • Marking of each SKU (smallest container size) with a unique serial number

  • Aggregation of the individual SKUs into the next packaging unit (e.g. carton)

  • Aggregation of packaging units on the shipping unit (for example, pallet)

  • Deaggregation and re-aggregation across all aggregation levels

  • Global provision of serial number and aggregation data 

  • Recording of goods receipts at distributors, wholesalers, retailers

  • Recording of outgoing goods at distributors, wholesalers, retailers

  • An important step in the production of legal products

  • Improvement of quality management

  • Documentation of the supply chain from the manufacturer to the end consumer

  • Reduce product aging within the supply chain

  • Improving product data accuracy and preserving this data

  • New possibilities in CRM (customer relationship)

  • Improved product safety and increased customer confidence

  • Securing entrepreneurial earning power by avoiding product piracy