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TPD compliance

Supply chain track and trace of tobacco products

Track & Trace | Serialization | Aggregation - tailor-made complete solution for the tobacco industry


EUROPE-WIDE, illegal trade and smuggling of tobacco products causes damage in the double-digit billion range

Across EUROPE, the consumption of counterfeit and smuggled cigarettes is around 8.7%

WORLDWIDE the number of unreported cases is between 6 - 8.5%



TRANSPARENCY from production to consumer:

  • Identification of each SKU (smallest unit size) with a unique serial number

  • Aggregation of the individual SKUs into the next packaging unit (e.g. carton)

  • Aggregation of the packaging units to the shipping unit (e.g. pallet)

  • De-aggregation and re-aggregation across all aggregation levels

  • Global delivery of serial number and aggregation data 

  • Registration of goods receipts at distributors, wholesalers, retailers

  • Recording of outgoing goods at distributors, wholesalers, retailers

The advantages are apparent:

  • An important step in the production of legal products

  • Improvement of quality management

  • Documentation of the supply chain from the manufacturer to the end user

  • Reducing product aging within the supply chain

  • Improvement in product data accuracy and preservation of this data

  • New possibilities in CRM (customer relationship)

  • Improved product safety and increased customer confidence

  • Ensuring corporate earning power by avoiding product piracy

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