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SCTT trace

Supply chain track and trace in agrochemicals

Track & Trace | Serialization | Aggregation - tailor-made complete solution for agrochemicals


WORLDWIDE, the manufacture and trade of illegal pesticides is the 4th largest business by volume

Counterfeit and illegal pesticides account for almost 14% of the EU pesticides market

EURIPOL has seized over 670 tons of counterfeit and illegal pesticides since 2015



Tested and approved legal pesticides are used responsibly as an essential part of farming.

Pesticides regulate pests, weeds and diseases that damage our food crops.


Without crop protection, including the use of legal pesticides, global crop failures due to pests could reach up to 80 percent.

The trade in counterfeit and illegal pesticides is increasing, with the quantities being produced, marketed and sold by organized crime networks increasing, posing real risks to farmer and consumer health, the environment and the economy._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


TRANSPARENCY from production to farmer through:

  • Identification of each SKU (smallest unit size) with a unique serial number

  • Aggregation of the individual SKUs into the next packaging unit (e.g. box) 

  • Aggregation of the packaging units to the shipping unit (e.g. pallet) 

  • Global delivery of serial number and aggregation data 

The advantages are apparent

  • An important step in the production of safe and healthy food

  • Improvement of quality management

  • Documentation of the supply chain from the manufacturer to the end user

  • Reducing product aging within the supply chain

  • Improvement in product aging within the supply chain

  • Improvement in product data accuracy and preservation of this data

  • New possibilities in CRM (customer relationship)

  • Improved product safety and increased customer confidence

  • Ensuring corporate earning power by avoiding product piracy

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