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Manual serialization and aggregation

of pharmaceutical boxes

Manual serialization and aggregation system for pharmaceutical folding boxes

This workstation enables the manual serialization of drug packs and their aggregation into shipping cartons. To do this, each individual box is first printed with order-related serialization data using a thermal inkjet printing system as it passes by, and then placed by hand in a shipping carton.


As soon as this is filled, the downstream thermal transfer printer creates an individual serialization label. The correct print data and the print quality are permanently monitored by a camera system.




Serialization of folding boxes and

1-level aggregation in box


Serialization of folding boxes |

Aggregation in the box | Aggregation carton on pallet (2-stage)


The operator places the drug packs to be marked at a reference edge of the conveyor belt. As soon as the thermal inkjet printer has printed the serialization data, the integrated image processing system checks them for correctness. If an error is detected (eg insufficient grading), the product stops at a certain position, which is marked by red LEDs.


The removal of the rejected product must be confirmed by pressing a button on the HMI. This is to ensure that only flawless products with correct serial numbers make it into the shipping carton. When the filling quantity per box is reached according to the specified packing scheme, the system automatically creates a serialized label for the shipping box. It is applied manually by the operator.

Depending on the number of products in the shipping carton and the number of aggregation levels, around 10 to 12 products/min can be serialized here.

Manual serialization and aggregation


Overview Screen - Manual Serialization and Aggregation

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